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Last revised: December 22, 2010

Now in our 20th continuous year online!

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Maintained by: Bob Lombardi, W4ATM

Hard to to grasp that I've been doing this for 20 years, but over the 1990 Thanksgiving holiday break, I put together this list for a very selfish reason. I neeeded it!

For the first 16 1/2 years of its life, this list had its home on the Tallahassee Freenet. It seems the world has moved past the need for Freenets and they decided to close the service in 2007, which started the search for a domain name and webhosting service. I was surprised to see this domain name available and simply had to grab it. But I'm not a dot com - I'm not a business. I'm just a guy who likes to build and tweak on telescopes, and share everything I know with anyone who wants to know. This site is paid for by me, out of pocket, with no reimbursement from anyone listed here. That's right; if you supply parts an ATM will find useful, send me your contact info, and I'll advertise your service or company for free.

For the first time in several years, I'm going to return to having an email link from this website. We all know how bad the spam problem is today - they say 2/3 to 3/4 of the traffic on the net is spam, and you simply must have filters to survive. I'm bob at amateurtelescopemaker dot com but you must put ATM in the subject to help me find it in the spam! If it doesn't have ATM in the subject, it's going in the trash automatically. I look at the trash folder, but might miss it if it doesn't say ATM.

Saturday afternoon here in my shop, working my 16" f5 thin mirror through fine grinding.

About This List

Welcome to ATM's Resource List. My purpose is simple: despite the widespread availability of cheap components and good optics, it is commonly believed that getting the parts to build a telescope is harder than ever. By putting together a list of companies that supply the ATM, I hope to help make sure that Amateur Telescope Making does not die off as a hobby, but instead grows into the future. It may be true that big companies don't advertise mirror making kits in Popular Mechanics like they did in the past, but the mirror making supplies are still out there, and ATM-made mirrors are often the standard of comparison for the best optics.

I first started putting the list together over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 1990, and posted it to Usenet sci.astro that weekend. The list really started for a completely selfish reason: I needed it! At that time, I was using the net connection at a former employer. I started out posting the list to Usenet every few months, but have not posted it to Usenet in years - it got too big! The Tallahassee Astronomical Society was the first host of the HTML version of the list. I would write the HTML and email it up on occasion. Eventually, I got a net connection that allowed me to find a home for the list on the Tallahassee Freenet. In the same 17 years, the list has grown from a short page to what you see now, and the Web has gone from an idea to the fastest-growing information source in history. I have gone from using a work connection, to using a "big name" online service, to a private Internet service provider to a FreeNet located in Leon County, Florida, home of the Florida State University. In 2007, the list moved to its current home at

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